• Maximize Return

Data Reconciliation & Validation. It has been called the mortar that keeps bricks together, solid data is fundamental to obtaining a refund. To be sure, no data is significant obstacle to the recovery process but an incomplete record doesn’t necessarily preclude a claim. Using proprietary methodology in connection with purchase history reports we simplify what can be daunting and frustrating process on an internal workforce. We work closely with each and every client to substantiate claims, help reconcile gaps in data, and present an acceptable claim to the Claims Administrator.

  • Vigilance

Our analysts work diligently to keep abreast of case developments in order to anticipate unexpected issues that could impact the progress of their claim. The specter of no data, whereby the claimant has mistakenly but erroneously thrown out important records because he or she thinks it will no longer have any real use, are among the threats to obtaining a refund. We work hard to prevent such things from happening through our notification channel.

  • Awareness

It is true that class members all too often are unaware or have neglected to remember their right to a refund. We aim to create an intelligent dialogue with class members to keep them informed of their status and rights and to remind them about important claim filing deadlines.

  • Payment Distribution & Regular Updates

We distribute payments within 30 days of receiving the settlement checks along with a complete accounting report and keep our clients informed of the progress of their claim during the entire recovery process.


All client files, supporting documentation and sensitive information will always be kept private and destroyed upon claim completion.


We never advertise our past or present clients on our website.


Our service is provided on a contingency basis. We don't get paid unless a successful recovery is made for you.

Lowest Fee Guarantee

We will beat any competitor fees.